Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 8, 2024

At, your personal information and its safety is important to us. This page covers our policies regarding the privacy of our visitors. The sections that follow describe the information that may be gathered and how it is used.

IP Addresses

      For various forms of internal site usage analysis and also identifying malicious visitors we may under certain circumstances record your IP address. This information remains private and is stored securely on our servers. Your IP address is used only within our office and will never be posted or otherwise distributed.


      As you explore, you will encounter various external links and Advertisements. Our privacy policy does not extend to third party entities. Once you have left our website, you become under the privacy handling policy of the domain you arrive at. We try to uphold a quality standard among our links and advertisements. If you run across something that you find inappropriate or unsafe please report this to us at so that we may take action.

Cookie Usage uses various cookies in order to identify guests on future visits. In addition the ads provided by Google may also utilize cookies which enable their partners to serve ads based on both visits to and other sites across the web. Follow this link to find out more about these cookies and how you can opt out or modify your Google ad preferences.

Third Party Advertising

      On our website you may find ads from varying third party advertisers. These advertisers may collect some data about you in order to provide ads that align with your interests. To find out more about your options and what you can do to protect this information from these third party advertisers you can visit


      If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or how we handle the information of our visitors, you may reach out to us at