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Welcome to RetroSlayer, a portal into your gaming past. We are just getting started in this nostalgia filled adventure so stick with us! To begin, we are taking things back to late 1976 and the release of the Fairchild Channel F. The goal is to move forward in time, playing through every console game released in each year as we go. We will provide guides and other useful information about each game as we progress. The site is not strictly focused on console games though. We plan to feature popular computer games in each year as well. Due to the volume of computer games, we will focus on a subset of the best games so we don't get bogged down too much. In the short term, expect frequest site updates and new games added regularly. We hope you'll join us in our journey!

Not only do we enjoy playing the games, we also enjoy collecting them. Future plans include site updates with collecting information and maybe even pricing. We also have some interest in developing an emulator and some RetroSlayer original games that will run on classic hardware. Stay tuned for information on these!